Emerson Motor Technologies Joins NEMA to Endorse Federal Rebates for Premium Efficient Motors

Rebate legislation calls for incentives to replace old motors with premium electric motor technology

Emerson Motor Technologies, St. Louis, recently joined the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Rosslyn, Va., to support legislation creating a premium efficient electric motor rebate program within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to drive use of the most efficient motor technology available. “By providing rebates for replacing old equipment with premium efficient electric motors, this program will help our customers reduce their energy costs and remain competitive,” says Rich Heppe, president of the Industrial Motors and Systems Division of Emerson Motor Technologies. “Emerson has been a strong advocate of NEMA-supported legislation that can help us help our customers become more energy-efficient and competitive. We urge other industry leaders to support this important rebate proposal.”

Under the proposed legislation, this program would provide a $25 rebate per horsepower to customers for certain high-efficiency motors from 1 hp to 500 hp. The incentives would also provide a $5 rebate per horsepower for those who administer the program and dispose of the old motor being replaced.

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