Energy Savings Calculator App Released from WEG

BlackBerry app calculates savings from using VFDs and electric motors

Atlanta, Ga.-based WEG Electric Corp.) has released an energy savings calculator application for BlackBerry smartphone devices. In just a few quick steps, the app calculates savings gained from using WEG variable frequency drives (VFDs) and/or electric motors.

The WEG Energy Savings Calculator can calculate potential energy savings, return on investment, reduction of CO2 emissions, and create reports and calculations for all the motors in a facility. To download the application, visit the WEG Green website from a BlackBerry phone and click “download” on the calculator page. For those without a BlackBerry device, the calculator can still be accessed for general use from the WEG Green website.

In addition to the energy savings calculator, the WEG Green website offers other resources, including energy efficient product information and guidelines for federal energy regulations. Installing a VFD can help save money by controlling the process speed and adjusting it to the specific load at any time. This is particularly true for variable torque applications like pumps and fans. For motors, money can be saved by replacing one, a few, or all of the motors in a facility with higher efficiency products. Any gain in efficiency by replacing motors with higher efficiency versions can translate into considerable savings, which could pay for the investment in a few years or even months.

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