EPRI and E21 seeking teams to host distributed generation testing

Teams can propose either indoor or outdoor laboratory environments

The Electricity Innovation Institute, an affiliate of the Electric Power Research Institute, and E21, a non-profit scientific institute, are seeking laboratory teams to voluntarily host the testing of draft object models or information templates for two types of distributed energy resources (DER): diesel generators and fuel cells. The templates will then be updated based on the test results and made available to one of several International Electrotechnical Commission working groups that develop international standards for DER object models.

Individuals, or teams of organizations, businesses, or universities that wish to volunteer their capabilities to either work with DER vendors and provide DER results or implement the draft object models in software for these DER units and provide laboratory facilities and support services to host the object model testing should submit proposals to E21 by Nov. 17.

For more information, visit www.e21.org.

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