Evergreen Solar Launches New Customer-Driven Website

Redesigned site will provide more customer-focused content and reinforce company’s 'More Electricity, Less Impact' brand promise

Marlboro, Mass.-based Evergreen Solar, Inc., a manufacturer of String Ribbon solar panels with its proprietary silicon wafer technology, recently unveiled its new, customer-focused website. The site has been designed to serve all current and potential Evergreen Solar customers whether they are end users, installers or distributors. It was created based on a combination of customer feedback and website best practices.

End-users looking to install Evergreen Solar panels on their home or business will be able to use the website to connect directly with Evergreen Solar's network of distributors and installers in an easy-to-use two-click process. Additionally, current Evergreen Solar direct customers will be able to access their own password-protected portal for information that will help them manage their business with Evergreen and to provide them with everything necessary to support and sell the Evergreen Solar brand.

"Our brand promise of 'More Electricity, Less Impact,' has resonated extremely well with our customers," says Scott Gish, Evergreen Solar's VP of sales and marketing. "Our new website will be one of most important tools we use to tell this story and to provide our customers with all the salient features and benefits that support this strong brand position.

"This site has been designed from the ground up based on feedback from our customers," Gish continues. "It will make it very easy for potential end-users to find and purchase our products linking them directly to Evergreen's partner/customers. The site will also provide our direct customers with the information and tools they need to manage their business with us and to help them sell and support the brand throughout the channel."

Central to the website's home page is the company brand promise of "More Electricity, Less Impact" and the features and benefits that support that position. Evergreen Solar's String Ribbon panels deliver exceptional performance with the smallest carbon footprint and quickest energy payback of any silicon-based solar panel available on the market today.

The site also will contain tools that will help create an ongoing pulse where users can attain current updates and news about the company. The existing news section of the website will be supplemented with an events page announcing upcoming trade shows and company events as well as a regularly refreshed installation gallery and a real-time Twitter feed.

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