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Faith Technologies Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Faith Technologies celebrated its 40th anniversary on October 1. Rollie Stephenson, CEO, founded the once small electrical contracting service in 1972, which has now evolved into a thriving business with locations across the country. Faith Technologies is one of the top 20 largest electrical and technical service contractors in the United States, with more than 1,500 employees.

“There are many factors that have attributed to our success, but underlying them all is an unwavering commitment to meet our customers’ needs,” Stephenson said. “It is an element that positively affects both our customers and our company and has carried us through the past four decades. We are thankful to our employees, customers and partners for their support and commitment to help us reach this milestone.”

On Oct. 31, Faith Technologies will celebrate ten years of being under one, unified brand — the brand that has come to be known as “Faith Technologies.” Below is a timeline of how this brand has evolved:

  • 1972: Stephenson founded Town & Country Electric, Inc. in Wisconsin
  • 1980: Bill Love founded SKC Electric, Inc. in Kansas
  • 2001: Town & Country Electric, Inc. and SKC Electric, Inc. merged and changed their name to Encompass Electrical Technologies – Midwest, Inc. (EET-Midwest)
  • 2002: A successful employee purchase of EET-Midwest from Encompass Services Corporation resulted in the formation of Faith Technologies, Inc. This new company brought back old brands and began doing business as Town & Country Electric and SKC Electric
  • 2008-2009: The Town & Country Electric and SKC Electric brands transitioned into what is today Faith Technologies — one unified brand

Faith Technologies has locations in Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. The electrical and specialty systems contracting company has earned many awards throughout the past 40 years, including the 2010 Construction Safety Excellence Grand Award from AGC of America. Faith Technologies has surpassed three million hours worked without lost-time accident and has most recently launched a new website dedicated to Electrical Risk Management (ERM), a service offered by Faith Technologies.

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