First solar multi-tenant office building to be built in Novato, Calif.

System expected to save building owners about $8,000 annually in electrical costs

SolarCraft Services recently announced that it’s designing and installing a 30kW solar electric system for a 6,600 square-foot, multi-tenant office building in Novato, Calif. The solar electric system is expected to save the owners, San Marin Associates, more than $8,000 a year in electrical costs.

The system will power the entire building and provide 100% of the electrical needs on an annual basis. The owners will receive a rebate of about $100,000 from the California Energy Commission, which is 50% of the cost of the system.

SolarCraft is designing the system with high-performance solar panels, which will be mounted on stanchions and placed on the roof at a slight angle to improve energy generation. A mansard around the top of the building will add a visual barrier so that the panels can’t be seen from the street.

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