Funniest Electrician Bloopers: Part 2

Funniest Electrician Bloopers: Part 2

It’s time for Round 2. The last group of Funniest Electrician Bloopers was so popular with our readers that we’ve put together 12 new bloopers for your amusement. Everyone makes mistakes — some are just funnier than others. That’s truly the case in “Short Circuits,” a fun department and fan favorite that ran for several years in the print magazine in which readers sent in their most memorable job-site blunders. This conglomeration of electrical goofs was in no way meant to minimize the importance of taking electrical safety seriously because we all know that mistakes in the electrical industry can be deadly. However, these botched electrical installations were light-hearted in nature, did not ever result in serious injury, and served as a way for readers to share the hilarious situations that sometimes crop up in the field while remembering valuable lessons.

Following are some of EC&M editors’ favorite “Short Circuits.” We hope you enjoy reminiscing with us, but let’s not stop there. We’d like to bring this department back in a new form, so send in your job-site blunders to [email protected]. If we get enough participation, we just might have to bring it back by popular demand.

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