Gexpro Offers Unique On-Site Warehouses

Gexpro Offers Unique On-Site Warehouses

In alliance with PODS, Gexpro now provides contractors with a complete, turnkey inventory and storage solution

Shelton, Conn.-based Gexpro, in alliance with PODS, now offers contractors an inventory and storage solution for their large construction projects. Contractors will now be able to have their own Gexpro warehouse on the construction site.

"Supporting large construction projects has been a hallmark of Gexpro's capabilities for contractors throughout our history,” says Eric Packer, president, Rocky Mountain Division, Gexpro. "Our new solution falls right in line with this core Gexpro competency, and it rounds out and completes our solutions toolkit or portfolio of on-site services. In addition to our other services, we can now provide contractors a controlled, secure storage environment right on the construction site. And because this service extends to contractors nationwide under a full-fledged, formalized program with PODS, our on-site storage warehouse provides a best-in-class service for our industry. "

"We are thrilled to work with an innovator like Gexpro and to provide our unique convenience and flexibility to their program, " says Christine Pierce, chief marketing officer at PODS. "Our national footprint, which includes almost 140,000 containers and the ability to move them just about anywhere, makes PODS containers the ideal solution for this commercial storage program. "

Contractors submit a request or list for construction materials to Gexpro, which orders the PODS container(s), gathering the materials and outfitting the modular units with racks for materials stocking. The PODS delivery process allows Gexpro to fill the pre-racked container with product at the Gexpro warehouse, and then PODS delivers this fully loaded container to the construction site without damaging the product. If materials need to be replenished during the project, Gexpro will bring new supplies to the site and restock the PODS container. When the construction project is finished, Gexpro has PODS remove the units from the job site.

In addition to storage, customers can request assistance from Gexpro to provide direct management and control of the site's inventory flow. Gexpro’s suite of services includes its OASIS Pro on-site inventory software system that monitors and manages inventory levels.

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