Honeywell to help California city reduce energy costs

Project will reduce Cathedral City’s annual operating costs by 33%

Honeywell and Cathedral City, Calif., recently announced their collaboration on a $2.7 million energy saving performance project that will help reduce the city’s annual operating costs by 33% and cut its annual energy consumption by 26%. The state of California will provide a $1 million renewable energy rebate to help fund the project.

Scheduled to begin in mid-October, the 9-month project includes the installation of a 1,600-photovoltaic-solar-panel canopy on the roof of the civic center parking garage that will generate power while shielding vehicles from the sun. It will also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 514 tons each year, which is the equivalent of removing 103 cars from the road. Honeywell also plans to install energy–efficient lighting and controls throughout the city buildings and upgrade traffic signals from incandescent lights to LEDs.

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