Hubbell Lighting Addresses Federal Outdoor Lighting Standards

Joint Industry Effort Demonstrates Step Toward Responsible Self-Regulation

Responding to the federal government's initiative to improve the energy efficiency of outdoor lighting, Hubbell Lighting, Greenville, S.C., in concert with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Rosslyn, Va., and other lighting manufacturers, designers, advocates, and utilities have been working since April 2009 to craft a comprehensive standard for outdoor lighting. According to Scott Muse, president of Hubbell Lighting, a consensus agreement, the outgrowth of industry collaboration, has been achieved and sent to Washington as part of the larger American Clean Energy and Security Act. For the first time, this proposed legislation establishes federal efficiency standards for pole-mounted outdoor lighting products, which if passed will generate significant energy savings.

"Energy is the primary force of change in the lighting industry, and the improved efficiency of lighting products is low-hanging fruit," Muse says. "Current advancement in optics, ballasts, lamps, and standards, such as the new legislation for outdoor lighting can significantly and permanently reduce our nation's reliance on fossil fuels and the negative consequences of that reliance."

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