IEC Chesapeake and the Community College of the District of Columbia Now Scheduling Classes and Events for the Summer and Fall

Organization has several events planned for spring and summer

IEC Chesapeake (IECC), Odenton, Md., and the The University System of the District of Columbia (UDC) are proud to announce their first co-branded continuing education class, which will be offered this summer.

IECC, in collaboration with Continuing Education at the Community College of the District of Columbia (CCDC), has scheduled a two-day 10-hour NEC 2011 Code Change seminar on June 3 and 4, which will be held at the Backus Campus and is being sponsored by Atlantic Electric Supply, Washington, D.C. This Code class will fulfill licensing renewal requirements for electricians in various states and jurisdictions, including Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, and Vermont. Mervin Munoz, business development representative of IECC emphasizes, “Electricians have the ability to fulfill multiple continuing education requirements with this one class, which saves them both time and money.”

Additionally, OSHA 10- and OSHA 30-hour online training will also be made available through CCDC’s collaborative efforts with IECC, which is another training alternative for contractors to consider.

Next, an open house for electrical contractors will be tentatively scheduled in July or August to discuss pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, and skills-upgrade training opportunities to meet the needs of contractors in Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas. “This is an excellent opportunity to promote the training resources available through IECC and CCDC’s joint venture, as well as an appropriate forum for contractors to express what their immediate training needs are,” says Grant Shmelzer, executive director of IECC.

Then, IECC and CCDC will be offering another Year-1 electrical program in September, as well as a follow-up Year-2 class for apprentices currently enrolled in the January Year-1 Accelerated Program or apprentices looking to transfer into the program. The open house over the summer should help build contractors’ interests to support and strengthen the IECC-CCDC apprenticeship program for the 2011/2012 school year. Shmelzer says, “The CCDC location serves as another convenient training location for contractors to utilize to meet their apprenticeship training needs.”

Finally, IECC and CCDC plan on scheduling an emerging technology Lunch & Learn seminar in the fall on electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS). As more and more electric vehicles (EV) are being manufactured, there will be an inevitable need to integrate charging stations in both residential dwellings and commercial structures. Neil Richardson, director of continuing education at CCDC comments, “EVCS will open up a new market segment for business growth in both sales and installations. This informational session will help contractors better understand the trends and potential business opportunities available to them in the EVCS market.”

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