Left to right Reuben Bennett Justin Macarages Bobby Stalvey John Herring Walt Allen Francis Derullo Travis Moore and Tom Stalvey
Left to right: Reuben Bennett, Justin Macarages, Bobby Stalvey, John Herring, Walt Allen, Francis Derullo, Travis Moore, and Tom Stalvey

IEC Georgia Celebrates the 2012 Valdosta Apprenticeship Graduating Class

Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) Georgia chapter celebrated the graduation of its 2012 Valdosta apprenticeship class on October 4. Family, friends, IEC instructors, and members of Ace Electric gathered to show support and honor the graduates. 

Tom Stalvey, CEO of ACE Electric, was the keynote speaker, who delivered an uplifting and gracious speech.  Stalvey thanked the graduates for their hard work and effort put forth during the program and acknowledged them as the future of Ace Electric. 

Both Tom Stalvey and Bobby Stalvey, president of Ace Electric, presented the graduates with their well-deserved certificates.  Tommy Stalvey, VP of Ace Electric, was also in attendance. 

Walt Allen is one graduate that stood out among the rest for his ability to maintain the highest overall grade throughout the four-year period.  Allen was presented with the academic achievement award of the class for consistently delivering excellence during the program.

Brian Geary, Ace Electric’s human resource manager, recognized Reuben Bennett for his instruction of the students. Bennett’s effective teaching created an environment where the graduates gained the knowledge and skill that will ignite their journey in the electrical industry. 

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