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IEC National Elects 2017 Board of Directors

Bruce Seilhammer, SECCO, Inc., Camp Hill, Pa., was named IEC National President beginning Jan. 1, 2017.

The Independent Electrical Contractors elected its 2017 Board of Directors during its annual convention, IECCon16. Bruce Seilhammer, SECCO, Inc., Camp Hill, Pa., was named IEC National President beginning Jan. 1, 2017.

IEC’s Board of Directors is composed of five Executive Committee Members, 12 Regional Directors, one Platinum Partner, and one Chapter Executive Director.

Announcing the 2017 IEC National Board of Directors:

  • President: Bruce Seilhammer, SECCO, Inc.
  • Treasurer: Lloyd Quinney, Quinney Electric, Inc.
  • Secretary: Gary Golka, Golka Electric
  • Vice President: Candy Branham, Branham Electric, Inc.
  • Immediate Past President: Joe Hovanec, Advanced Electric Design & Service
  • CEO: Spenser Villwock, IEC National (Non-voting member)
  • Gloria Aey, Midwest Regional Director, Aey Electric, Inc.
  • Robert Bass, Greater Texas Regional Director, R.K. Bass Electric, Inc.
  • Larry Burns, Greater Texas Regional Director, Burns Electric Co.
  • Troy Corrigan, Midwest Regional Director, Corrigan Electric
  • Brian Haines, Southeast Regional Director, Pyramid Electric, Inc.
  • Julie Howard, Executive Director's Council, IEC San Antonio (non-voting member)
  • Bruce Kohan, Northeast Regional Director, Kohan-Allen Electric, Inc.
  • Mark Kredit, Mountain West Regional Director, Kredit Electric, Inc.
  • Janet Martin, Mountain West Regional Director, Bret's Electric, LLC
  • Stuart McArthur, Mountain West Regional Director, West Coast Business Communications, Inc.
  • Jim Nasuta, Northeast Regional Director, Electric Energy Systems Corp.
  • Steve Struble, Midwest Regional Director, Freemans Electric Service
  • Ed West, Greater Texas Regional Director, Humphrey & Associates
  • Mark Wilke, Platinum Partner Representative, CNA
  • Kristen Williams, Southeast Regional Director, Penco Electrical Contractors, Inc.

“We accomplished many of our goals we set last year,” said Joe Hovanec, 2016 IEC President. “With 2017 just beginning and having Bruce Seilhammer at the helm, it is an exciting time to be part of IEC. This is a Board that has a clear direction for the future of IEC.”

To learn more about how IEC helps electrical and systems contractors meet the tough challenges they face every day, visit

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