IEEE approves new standard for testing shielded power cables

Organization also revises standards for submarine power cables and cable-pulling lubricants

The IEEE recently approved IEEE 400.2, “Guide for Field Testing of Shielded power Cable Systems Using Very Low Frequency (VLF), a new standard that addresses concerns when field-testing shielded, medium-voltage cables related to the use of cables having extruded dielectric insulation. The standard also describes withstand and diagnostic tests and offers charts on how effective VLF testing is for various cable insulation problems.

IEEE also revised some standards that deal with submarine power cables and cable-pulling lubricants. IEEE 1120, “Guide for the Planning, Design, Installation, and Repair of Submarine Power Cable Systems,” now has expanded coverage on how to plan, design, permit, install, commission, and repair submarine cables and features added explanations.

IEEE 1210, “Standard Tests for Determining Compatibility of Cable-Pulling Lubricants with Wire and Cable,” which was also revised, now upgrades the existing standard to account for newer cable jackets that are considered in ICEA/NEMA standards and defines test methods and acceptable results for evaluating the compatibility of lubricants with various cable coverings.

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