IEEE approves standard for testing and inspecting large, rotating electrical machinery

Organization also revises three existing standards

The IEEE has approved a new standard for testing and inspecting large, rotating electrical machinery. IEEE 62.2, “Guide for Diagnostic Field Testing of Electrical Power Apparatus—Electrical Machinery” is designed to help maintenance personnel select proper diagnostic tests and inspection methods by reviewing the capabilities and procedures for each test and by discussing how to interpret the results.

The IEEE is also making revisions to three power generation standards. IEEE 946, “Recommended Practice for the Design of DC Auxiliary Power Systems for Generating Stations,” will include current research results and design guidance for equipping and managing generating stations having DC auxiliary power systems. IEEE C57.19.00, “Standard General Requirements and Test Procedure for Power Apparatus Bushings” will be updated with information on indoor apparatus bushings and other technical content. And IEEE C62.32, “Standard Test Methods for Low-Voltage Air Gap Surge-Protective Device Components (Excluding Valve and Expulsion Types)” will address some technical issues and make changes to harmonize the standard with relevant IEC documents.

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