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Interstates Companies Renovates Facility to Meet Office/Production Space Needs

Interstates Companies refurbishes 48,000-sq-ft building to fulfill office and production space needs.

Interstates Companies recently renovated a vacant manufacturing facility in Sioux Center, Iowa, to house its electrical prefabrication, panel construction, and control system engineering activities.

 The 48,000-sq-ft building is now home to InterFab, the prefabrication division of Interstates Construction Services, Inc., Interstates Control Systems, Inc.’s panel shop, and Interstates Control Systems, Inc.’s engineering and drafting teams. With this building acquisition, InterFab was able to move its operations from Hull, Iowa, to Sioux Center, Iowa.

Interstates chose to renovate the existing building to fulfill office and production space needs, and to provide a more collaborative work environment. The building allows for office accommodations for the control system engineering team as well as space for the Interstates Control Systems panel shop and InterFab’s prefabrication activities. The industrial park location allows easy access to transportation and space outside for assembly and staging. The facility is located within two blocks of Interstates’ corporate headquarters.

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