London homeowners to have the chance to purchase rooftop wind turbines

Units could cut annual bills by up to one-third and reduce CO2 emissions

A new trend across the pond could someday make its way to the states. London’s Evening Standard reports that homeowners will soon have the chance to buy roof-mounted wind turbines that could reduce their electricity bills by hundreds of pounds. British Gas will put the 5-foot wide turbines on the market later this year for about 1,500 pounds.

The initiative came after new research showed that almost 250,000 homes in London are interested in installing renewable energy systems. The miniature turbines are ideal for Britain’s breezy climate and could provide enough power to supply “always on” appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, TVs, and computers that are on standby. Days with more wind could provide enough generated electricity to keep some lights on.

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