Man convicted in amusement park electrocution

Accidental death attributed to improperly connected wire

Nick Rock, an 80-year-old from Mentor, Ohio, was recently convicted of involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide after he improperly connected wires at the Lake County Fair, which resulted in the electrocution of 8-year-old Greyson Yoe. Rock faces as many as five years in prison, but could get probation instead.

In August, Yoe suffered a severe shock while waiting for a bumper car ride and died five weeks later. Rock didn’t connect a green grounding wire that electrical experts said would have prevented the shock. Rock testified that he thought the ride was grounded elsewhere, and that he was never told to connect the grounding wire. Two ride inspectors, the ride owner, and supervisor all face similar charges.

Rock has set up rides, concession stands, and booths at the fairgrounds for more than 40 years. Assistant County Prosecutor Karen Kowall says she hopes this will send a message to ride owners and fair managers. “This case was said. It was an overwhelming tragedy,” says Kowall. “But it was also a preventable act. This little boy did not have to die.”

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