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Mule Lighting Establishes New Group Dedicated to Development of Induction Lighting Technology

DYNalux division will serve the global lighting market

Providence, R.I.-based Mule Lighting has established a new division to focus on the development of induction lighting technology and solutions. Led by Mule VP Rob Cross, the new DYNalux division will serve the global lighting market.

“This division has been created to expand our product lines to meet today’s demanding energy and environmental needs.” says Cross. “Primarily focused on induction-based luminaries, all DYNalux products are designed to maximize energy efficiency while providing a superior light source for most indoor and outdoor applications.”

Flagship products for the new division include induction solutions for many applications, such as roadways, parking areas, sports arenas, commercial buildings, and warehouses.

“Induction lamps are one of the newest energy-saving lighting technologies developed in recent years," says Cross. "Induction lighting is based on a technology that is fundamentally different from that of traditional lighting products, such as fluorescent or high-intensity discharge (HID). With no filaments and electrodes to burn out, these unique lamps can last up to 100,000 hours, making them virtually maintenance-free.”

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