Navigating The Challenges of Lighting Maintenance and Retrofits

New website helps facility owners and occupiers find capable lighting professionals

For many facility owners and occupiers, the path to the financial rewards of planned lighting maintenance programs and energy efficient lighting upgrades is blocked with significant challenges. Designing and implementing lighting system modifications that simultaneously improve illumination and aesthetics, increase occupant satisfaction, take advantage of utility incentives and reduce energy, and maintenance costs is, to put it lightly, a complex task. Finding a qualified partner to undertake that task can be a significant challenge.

Simplifying that challenge is what motivated the creation of the new Choose NALMCO campaign and website. Created by the interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO), Des Moines, Iowa, the site explains the benefits of working with NALMCO members and certification holders on planned lighting maintenance programs and energy efficient lighting retrofit projects.

"Most of the facility owners and occupiers I talk to are interested in lighting-related cost savings, but they don’t have a clear path to realizing those savings," said Fred Hauber, current NALMCO president and owner of Eastern Energy Services Inc. "With the right partner, those owners and occupiers can save tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with a carefully executed planned maintenance program or energy efficient retrofit."

The Choose NALMCO site discusses the benefits of working with both NALMCO members and certification holders. NALMCO offers four unique certifications which cover specific areas of lighting expertise, from basic technical certifications to advanced sustainability training.

"It's a straightforward proposition," explained Jim Frank, NALMCO's immediate past president and division manager of Facility Solutions Group. "NALMCO members are capable, experienced, educated and committed to ethical business practices.

"When you're taking on a challenging lighting program or project," Frank continued, "those qualities are exactly what you need."

Last year, several NALMCO members met with members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to encourage federal support for energy efficient lighting retrofit programs.

"Working with a lighting professional who understands how utility and government incentives can affect your project is essential," said Frank. "With careful planning and implementation, many retrofit projects can have 50% or more of their costs covered by rebates and other incentives."

NALMCO offers its members regular educational sessions and an online knowledge base, to help ensure that NALMCO members are some of the most knowledgable professionals in the lighting industry. The association also hosts two annual events where members come together and share the latest lighting techniques and innovations.

On the "Choose NALMCO" site, once visitors have learned about the benefits of working with NALMCO members, they're directed to an online tool where they can find nearby NALMCO member companies.

"There are plenty of reasons to work with NALMCO members," said Hauber. "But it all boils down to this; when you work with a NALMCO member, you're working with a true partner, someone you can trust and someone who's going to make sure you get the most out of your lighting program or project."

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