NECA, IBEW joins Cisco and Echelon to provide training programs

Courses to focus on LonWorks and Cisco courses

The National Electrical Contractors Association and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (NECA-IBEW) is teaming with Cisco Systems and Echelon Corp. for two separate training programs. The NECA-IBEW has been offering training programs since 1941.

NECA-IBEW is working with Echelon to offer LonWorks training at the organization’s national training center in Upper Marlboro, Md., which is one of two LonWorks training centers in the United States. Instructors from 284 of the organization’s training centers are sent to Maryland to complete intensive train-the-trainer courses in LonWorks design, integration tools, network troubleshooting, Internet connectivity, and systems specifying.

Cisco has named the NECA-IBEW team’s international training center near Knoxville, Tenn., a Cisco Regional Networking Academy. Upon completion of the training, the instructors will be ready to teach Cisco courses.

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