NEMA Releases Major Publication on Rebuilding Smart After Storms

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) today published "Storm Reconstruction: Rebuild Smart" to assist federal, state, and local policymakers with solutions to harden the nation’s electric grid, improve its resilience to withstand and recover from severe weather, and improve energy efficiency.

“Increasingly severe weather, most recently Superstorm Sandy, coupled with an aging and overstressed electrical infrastructure is having a dramatic impact on the U.S. population. Sixteen states experienced outages during Sandy,” said NEMA President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis. “The core principal of any major reconstruction effort should be to rebuild smart — ensuring that reconstruction funds maximize the deployment of technologies to mitigate future power outages, protect lives and property, and improve energy efficiency.”

Resilient and reliable power is critical for first responders, communications, health care, transportation, financial systems, water and waste water treatment, emergency food and shelter, and other vital services. When smart technologies are in place, power outages are avoided and lives, homes, and businesses are protected.

Good examples of these technologies are self-healing smart grid solutions — information and communications technologies such as smart meters and high-tech sensors to isolate problems and bypass them automatically; microgrids and backup generators that use their own power sources and storage capabilities to support vital services; and wiring, cabling, and electrical components that can stand up to high winds and flooding. 

“The 400-plus member companies of NEMA and our staff of experienced engineers and electroindustry experts, spanning more than 50 industry sectors, stand ready to assist industry and government officials at all levels involved in rebuilding,” said Gaddis. 

"Storm Reconstruction: Rebuild Smart" may be downloaded at no cost by visiting To obtain a hard copy of this publication, contact NEMA Communications by email at [email protected].

TAGS: Design Safety
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