NEMA Urges Congress, State, and Local Governments to Rebuild the Smart Way After Hurricane Sandy

In anticipation of Congress acting on the President’s request for $60.4 billion for “response, recovery, and mitigation related to Hurricane Sandy,” the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) recently delivered a letter to key members of Congress and a publication explaining how impacted states and localities can use currently available technologies to Rebuild the Smart Way. The letter to Congress urges that recipients of federal funds be required to utilize technologies that will mitigate future power outages and protect lives, homes, and businesses.

NEMA President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis said the requirement is designed to “ensure the best bang for the buck with technologies that will improve the resilience of electric infrastructure and ensure continued operation of facilities critical to first responders, communications, health care, transportation, financial systems, water treatment, emergency food and shelter, and other vital services.”

NEMA’s brochure, “Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction: Rebuild the Smart Way,” presents a summary of key technologies to mitigate future outages including:

  • Smart grid technologies, such as smart meters and high-tech sensors, that isolate problems in the electric grid and bypass them automatically
  • Microgrids and energy storage, operating on natural gas, wind, solar, or other sources, that can ensure continued operation of critical facilities when the main grid goes down
  • Backup generation for first responder facilities, traffic signals, gas stations, high-rise elevators, and other critical services
  • Wiring, cabling, and electrical components that can stand up to storms and are resistant to long-term submersion in water

“Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction: Rebuild the Smart Way”is available on NEMA’s website.

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