OCSOFT Launches Revised Website

Online offering designed for specialists in the field of electrical engineering and power management

Santa Ana, Calif.-based Orloff Electrical Engineering and Computer Services (OCSOFT) has launched a revised website designed for specialists in the field of electrical engineering and power management.

OCSOFT has been a long-time provider of engineering services for a number of applications including power plants, high-voltage sub-stations, overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines. In addition, the company has designed electrical systems for residential, commercial and industrial, including lighting for sports arenas and industrial — and has designed systems for security services.

A pioneer in the development of electrical industry calculation software for PC computers, the company offers a variety of packages which operate on machines running a 32-bit architecture.

Examples of these useful calculation packages include:

  • Panel schedule automatic circuit and balancing
  • Lighting calculations: zonal cavity method
  • Voltage drop calculations
  • Power factor improvement energy conservation
  • Cost estimating
  • Transmission line wood pole design calculations
  • Cable pull, tension, and sidewall Pressure Calculations
  • Grounding grid design calculations
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