Ontario Casino Replaces Standard Light Bulbs

Ontario Casino Replaces Standard Light Bulbs

Casino Rama, Ontario’s only First Nation’s commercial casino, recently replaced more than 5,000 incandescent light bulbs with Aurora, Ohio-based TCP, Inc.’s compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), cold cathode lamps, and LED products, resulting in an estimated savings of more than $200,000 annually and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 8%. The project included relamping three massive canopies that cover the casino entrances with TCP’s cold cathode lamps, which last 25,000 hours and can withstand the region’s extreme cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Casino Rama also chose LED products for the glass elevator shafts.

Prior to the LEDs, the casino hired an elevator company every three months to replace light bulbs, which now is only required every four or five years.

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