Orbit/UMI Donates Electrical Supplies to PCRF Foundation Research Ship

PCRF’s primary goal is to encourage coral reef conservation efforts through public education and action

Orbit/UMI Industries, Los Angeles-based manufacturer of electrical products for the construction industry, has made a substantial donation of electrical supplies to the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation (PCRF), Big Pine, Calif., to help retrofit electrical systems on the foundation’s ocean-going research ship. “We were extremely pleased to make a contribution to this very dedicated research team,” says David Nikayin, president, Orbit/UMI Industries. “Through educational and conservation programs, PCRF has helped us all become more aware of the importance of coral reefs and their effects on the oceans’ sustainability for future generations."

PCRF is a worldwide organization that conducts academic research on the health of the planet’s coral reefs, home to more than 25% of all fish species and a vital part of the earth’s ecosystem. Coral reefs provide resources and services worth an estimated $375 billion per year, including seafood, pharmaceuticals, fish nursery habitats, shoreline protection from erosion, and tourism.

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