Osram Sylvania donates products and maintenance to historic building in Boston

Company helps to illuminate the Old State House

Osram Sylvania and the National Trust have teamed up with the Light Boston organization to illuminate the Old State House, which is the oldest public building still standing in Boston. This house, where the Declaration of Independence was originally read in 1776, now has the world’s most advanced exterior lighting system.

Osram Sylvania donated a variety of products for permanent installation, and Sylvania Lighting Services will provide ongoing maintenance at the house. Quality Lighting, a division of JJI Lighting Group, donated fixtures, and Ripman Lighting Consultants designed the project.

The exterior of the house will be lit with Metalarc ceramic metal halide lamps that are mounted in flood fixtures on existing street poles. A mix of Lumalux Plus ecologic high-pressure sodium lamps and 250W metal halide lamps light the eagle on the east side of the building.

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