PEARL Adds Electrical Service Organization Membership

PEARL expands membership categories to include electrical service organization companies with reconditioning facilities

At the recent annual meeting for Aurora, Colo.-based Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL), members voted to expand membership to include a new Service Organization Member category. The new category applies to all electrical service companies that have a permanent facility for electrical reconditioning. Members of the service organization class have full voting member privileges and rights. In addition to a permanent reconditioning facility, service organization members must meet all other PEARL member requirements, such a minimum of $1 million in annual sales, adhere to PEARL standards and codes of business practice.

“This new category is designed for electrical field service companies, such as those that belong to NETA, as well as motor and transformer repair shops, such as those that belong to EASA, assuming they also have a permanent facility for electrical apparatus reconditioning and meet the other criteria,” explains David Rosenfield, president of ROMAC Supply and director for PEARL.

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