PEARL Unveils New Name, Logo, Mission, and Branding

PEARL Unveils New Name, Logo, Mission, and Branding

Changes made in recognition of the organization’s 20th anniversary

At the 2017 Electrical Safety, Reliability and Sustainability Conference, PEARL debuted a new brand, website, mission statement, and name in recognition of the organization’s 20th anniversary.

PEARL now stands for Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League. According to a recent statement, updating this term more accurately reflects what the organization’s members do and connects PEARL’s name with both its reconditioning standard and with the updated National Electrical Code (NEC) while maintaining the recognized and trusted acronym.

In addition to the new name, the organization updated its logo. This new logo showcases the PEARL acronym as the main focal point. The blue color is a nod to the old logo and branding, while the bold typeface reflects PEARL’s modern, authoritative voice within the industry. The green color of reconditioning highlights the name change, while the arrow represents sustainability and the electrical products that re-enter the marketplace. PEARL Quality Seals, Technician Certification logo, white papers, test reports, and other resources have been redesigned to incorporate the new logo.

Going one step further, the organization updated its mission statement to reaffirm its commitment to “developing, advancing, and promoting safe reconditioning practices for electrical equipment,” while the tagline — “Trusted. Safe. Now.” — signifies how members work together to solve equipment issues quickly, safely and reliably. All of these updates and more can be found on the redesigned website, while the branding journey can be found by downloading the “What’s New with PEARL” infographic here.


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