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Piper Electric Company Celebrates 30 Years of Business in Power Performance

Contractor overcomes economic downturn with milestone projects, a focus on "green" initiatives, and attention to customer care.

Piper Electric Company, Inc. is celebrating 30 years of business. Weathering the economic downturn with its notable milestone projects, a focus on "green" initiatives, and attention to customer care, Piper Electric transitioned to Revit/BIM design and coordination systems, moved to a 15,000 square foot facility, and provided electric services in addition to its design-centered approach.

Piper Electric built the first parking facility to receive LEED-Certified Gold designation from the U.S. Green Building Council at Denver International Airport. The company continues to design and install energy-efficient electrical systems that receive LEED certification.

"Piper Electric is excited to be celebrating 30 years of business, and much of that success is due to taking care of our employees and customers, and preserving the integrity and safety standards that we operate by every day,” said Dave Doherty, president of Piper Electric.

Piper Electric completed noteworthy projects for companies including Lockheed, Coors, Conoco-Phillips, Ball Packaging and CU’s Folsom Field. The company's design-build philosophy led to its 2011 IEC Summit Award, which recognizes excellence in the electrical, construction, and green building professions. In addition its many accomplishments, Piper Electric diversified its service offerings to adapt to the changing construction industry.

Piper Electric currently employs 123 workers and maintains its excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau. It has provided more than 21,000 service jobs since 2001, operating under the philosophy that everyone deserves electrical assistance, regardless of a customer's ability to pay.

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