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Princeton Power Systems receives $250,000 grant from NJ EDA

Grant will fund the production of AC-link Clean Power VSD prototype

Princeton Power Systems, developer of AC-link technology for advanced electrical power conversion and conditioning, recently received a $250,000 grant from the NJ Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) Springboard II Fund. The grant will help the manufacturer adapt its existing prototype AC-link clean power variable speed drive (VSD) into a production prototype for industrial and commercial use.

The AC-link VSD preserves motor insulation and bearing lifetimes by producing low voltage distortion. The grant will be used to pay for parts, testing equipment, tools, and the personnel necessary to reduce the physical size of the SVD by 30%, decrease manufacturing costs by 30%, develop industrial communications capabilities, and incorporate advanced control features. To supplement the infusion of grant funds, Princeton Power Systems is contributing $295,000 in personnel, materials, and outside engineering services.

The manufacturer will build two prototypes and perform three months of field-testing at a local industrial facility in the second quarter of 2005.

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