Rosendin Electric Receives 2011 CURT Safety Excellence Award

Construction industry safety excellence award presented to Rosendin Electric as specialty trade contractor with more than two million man hours

Rosendin Electric has received a 2011 Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE) Award from the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT). The award, announced at the CURT 2011 National Conference, was given in the specialty trade contractors category for contractors with more than two million man hours with the best safety performance.

Rosendin Electric has built a culture of safety around personal accountability and a strong commitment from corporate leadership to on-the-job safety practices. “We have worked hard to make safety part of the company’s culture, and to empower workers to enforce safety on the job,” said Tom Sorley, CEO for Rosendin Electric.

For example, Rosendin Electric’s TAP program (Training, Attitude, and Planning) is structured to give workers the tools necessary to do their job safely and with confidence, and utilizes the commitment and talents of all employees to promote a safe work environment. The company’s “Right to Ask” program allows workers, early in the job planning process, to ask for the right tools, the right procedures, the right training, and to apply the most qualified people to promote a safe work environment. Rosendin Electric also has a “Stop Work” card in place that empowers every worker to stop activity on any job if there is an imminent danger perceived to themselves, their coworkers, or the public. The company also has an “I-3 Free” program, which promotes a work environment that is incident, injury, and impact free, sending the message that safety is a core value in everyday life, not just on the job, and that no one should be injured while working to provide for themselves and their families.

“We know our employees count on us to provide a safe work environment, and we consider risk management to be a part of every aspect of our work,” said Marty Rouse, VP of Safety for Rosendin Electric. “We hold monthly Risk Manager safety meetings attended by the CEO, COO, and all field supervision, promoting safety consciousness to every level of the company. On the job, we also hold daily safety meetings, have a pre-task planning protocol to make sure all the tools and training are in place to do the job safely, and even have on-the-job stretch and flex exercises to make sure employees are limber before they start work. Thanks to hard work and commitment from senior management and employees, safety is part of the fabric of Rosendin Electric: it defines our corporate culture.”

In addition to the “TAP,” “Right to Ask,” and the “I-3 Free” programs, Rosendin Electric has implemented other safety and training programs, including an Apprentice Portfolio, Pre-Task Plan cards, Code of Safe Work Practices booklets, a mentor program, a Safety Recognition Award program, and a Knife-Free initiative.

In issuing the award, a representative of CURT noted, “Rosendin Electric clearly understands that health and safety is the key to a successful and respected organization. Their selection as a recipient of CURT’s 2011 Contractor Safety Award is well deserved.”

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