Rutgers University to release the fifth edition of the Edison Papers

Volume covers the inventor’s milestones from 1879-1881

Rutgers University in New Jersey recently announced that its Thomas Edison Project will release the fifth edition of the Edison Papers this October. Documenting the invention and development of the world’s first commercial incandescent electric light and power system, the volume’s release will coincide with the 125th anniversary of the electric light bulb.

Entitled “From Research to Development at Menlo Park (January 1879 - March 1881),” the more than 1,000-page volume is arranged chronologically and contains 111 illustrations, 15 photos, and 272 drawings. Next year, the project will celebrate the founding of the Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of New York and Edison’s demonstration of his electric lighting system to New York City alderman at his Menlo Park laboratory on December 17-29, 1880.

The fifth edition will be available for purchase October 21 through or the publisher for $90.

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