Some counterfeit labels do not indicate country of origin.

Schneider Electric Announces First Brand-centric Anti-counterfeit Course

Online course provides customs officers and other law enforcement personnel with information they need to properly identify APC-branded counterfeit products.

Schneider Electric and the International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC), an INTERPOL initiative in cooperation with UL, have launched the first course developed by a brand owner as part of the college’s private sector anti-counterfeiting curriculum. The counterfeit product training course is specifically designed for customs officers and other law enforcement personnel to provide information needed to identify APC-branded products that are often subject to counterfeiting. 

The college’s online platform is an innovative approach to delivering this critical information to law enforcement officials world-wide and is a leading edge training resource in the fight against counterfeiting crimes, which represents a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise. Developed in conjunction with UL, the Schneider Electric APC Counterfeit Product Identification course focuses on keys to identifying counterfeit UPS products and includes contact information for law enforcement officials. Since the e-learning course became available online through IIPCIC it has been taken by authorities in 31 countries.

“Stopping the distribution of counterfeit products is a global concern and a priority for Schneider Electric. The use of these products can have serious consequences for consumers and businesses jeopardizing the safety of people and property,” said Tracy Garner, Manager, Anti-Counterfeiting & Unauthorized Distribution, Schneider Electric. “The opportunity to develop this course for the International IP Crime Investigators College gives us the reach of INTERPOL and UL – allowing Schneider Electric to train customs and other authorities all over the world, significantly increasing the visibility of this issue.”

"At UL, we believe education and training programs such as the one developed with Schneider Electric to help law enforcement agencies around the world identify counterfeit products is a critical element in combating counterfeit crime and protect the public from potentially dangerous products," said Brian Monks, Vice President Anti-Counterfeiting Operations, UL.

The International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) is a fully interactive online IP crime training facility which benefits all law enforcement, regulatory authorities and private sector IP crime investigators. Interpol’s Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting Program works in cooperation with UL to deliver this important crime‐fighting tool. The College’s main objective is to deliver leading edge training to equip investigators with the necessary skills to effectively combat current and emerging threats from IP crime.

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