Schneider Electric issues recall of QO and Homeline AFI circuit breakers

Breakers won’t detect high-resistance, low-current arcing fault

Schneider Electric recently issued a recall for its Square D QO and Homeline Arc Fault Interrupter (AFI) circuit breakers because they may not provide arc detection capability due the failure of a third-party supplied internal component in the electronic detection circuit. The company has sent detailed instructions to its network of distributors, customers, and retailers on how to identify and return these products.

The company is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall the 15A and 20A AFI circuit breakers that were manufactured between March 1, 2004 and Sept. 23, 2004. While the breakers will continue to function like a regular circuit breaker, they may not detect a high-resistance, low-current arcing fault. The issue has been corrected and the company has increased the production of the new AFI breakers.

Customers and distributors can call 1-877-202-9046 for more information.

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