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Shermco Industries Adds Energy Consulting Services

The company has expanded into the energy consulting services market

Ron Widup, president of Shermco Industries, recently announced the company has expanded into the energy consulting services market. The company has formed a strategic alliance with Verdigris Energy to offer professional energy consulting services in which they negotiate electrical power contracts for industrial companies.

"Our unique service offering in the energy consulting business is leveraged by Shermco's knowledge of electrical power systems and Verdigris Energy's expertise in navigating the complicated world of energy contracts," said Widup. "It was a natural decision for us to team up and provide this unique service offering to our customers, as we most likely will be able to save them significant sums of money — money that goes directly to the bottom line." Widup said the company began offering the services at the beginning of April in the electrically deregulated states throughout the United States, with a particular focus in Texas within the ERCOT region.

"This is a unique point in time for industrial companies: one that can offer significant competitive advantage," said Elizabeth Nottingham, Verdigris Energy's CEO. "We are excited about this alliance with Shermco in which we can help this sector leverage these opportunities with energy supply strategies that are developed to specifically meet each company's financial and operational objectives."

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