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Shermco Industries Steps Up International Work

Company's president says more and more work coming from global companies

Shermco Industries announced recently the completion of four international projects and its expansion in the global space for electrical testing, repair, and maintenance and the analysis of rotating apparatus and electrical power distribution systems. Shermco finished a job in Mazar, Afghanistan, for a U.S. government contractor, a construction and facilities management company. NETA acceptance testing on a consulate building was performed. Additionally, Shermco has finished a job off the coast of Equatorial Guinea for a Fortune 500 oil company, repairing generators on a ship to restore power. Shermco has also completed projects for an international offshore marine services provider. Ship motors, weighing approximately 8,000 lbs each, were extracted from vessels in Brazil and Mexico and shipped to Shermco's Irving, Texas, headquarters to be tested and rebuilt. Variable frequency drive difficulties were discovered and resolved.

More and more we are being called in to quickly resolve industrial motor and power generation problems for global companies," said Ron Widup, Shermco president. "Specifically, we are becoming well known in the global industrial space for timely solutions to problems that can cause major down time and expense if not handled with extreme speed and expertise."

The company expects to continue its expansion of international work in the wind power, fleet maintenance, and oil and gas sectors.

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