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Siemens Building Technologies partners with Mississippi Department of Corrections

The pair hopes to reduce energy and operational costs

Siemens Building Technologies recently guaranteed the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) a savings of more than $6 million in energy and operational costs under the terms of a 15-year performance contract. The company will provide the MDOC with a comprehensive energy and water management program that guarantees energy and operational savings estimated at $430,000 per year at current energy prices.

The program began in May and will take eight months to complete. It will entail upgrading existing lighting to higher-efficiency lighting in three state prisons, 17 community work centers, and three restitution centers. The program also includes the installation of an energy management control system that will improve the efficiency of heating, ventilation, and climate control equipment as well as an ozone re-circulating laundry system that’s estimated to provide significant reductions in both hot water and total water usage.

This agreement made the MDOC is the first state agency in Mississippi to enter into this type of contract.

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