Southwire Unveils New Web Site

New design offers enhanced visitor experience

Carrollton, Ga.-based Southwire has launched a completely redesigned Web site that makes it easier for customers, distributors, contractors, engineers, and other industry visitors to interact with the company. “The site is designed to make the user experience with Southwire more satisfying and effective,” explains Stu Thorn, president and CEO in a video introduction to the site. “We also wanted everyone to come away with a better understanding of our culture of collaboration, our commitment to innovation, and the many ways we are working to maintain the quality of life and the environment for our employees, customers and the communities where we do business.”

According to Southwire, the evolution of the Southwire Web site was guided by user responses to survey and managed by a cross-functional team representing all parts of the company. Special attention was paid to making the site easier to navigate, more interactive, and faster for the user to accomplish a wide range of practical tasks, from finding information about products and technical services to placing orders. Among the many enhanced features on the site are Q-Service, a Web-based ordering and self-service system, and SWIM, which incorporates EDI and Internet technology to enable vendor-managed inventory.

The refreshed site also includes information about Southwire’s ongoing sustainability efforts as well as an enhanced video library that features product demonstrations, training, and instruction, along with vignettes about the company’s community outreach programs.

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