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Stantec Joins ACE Mentor Program as National Sponsor

Firm will hold seat on program's national board

Officials of the Architectural, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) Mentor Program of America announced recently that Stantec has joined its ever growing number of sponsors.

Research indicates that ACE is not only accomplishing its mission of “engaging, exciting, and enlightening high school students to pursue careers in architecture, construction, and engineering”, it’s also achieving additional results, including increasing high school graduation rates and diversification in the architecture, construction, and engineering industries.

“We are delighted that a company the size and scope of Stantec has joined our national sponsorships and will hold a seat on our national board," says Pamela Mullender, president and CEO of the ACE Mentor Program. “Stantec recognizes the impact the program has had on the need for diversification and in reaching qualified kids for the new generation of the construction workforce. Not only will their participation enhance our existing program but will help us grow.”

“Like many industries, ours faces the challenge of attracting young people,” says Rich Allen, senior VP and COO at Stantec. “Participating in the ACE program allows us to be actively involved in educating young people about engineering and architecture, and allows our employees to personally interact with students and get them excited and interested in what’s happening in our field.”

“Given that the construction industry is the backbone of this country — the largest employer in the United States — and that ACE includes two of the fields that rank among the top ten paying jobs for students out of college, and four of the fields that rank among the top eight paying jobs that do not require a degree, one can conclude that, as the program continues to grow, it will have an increasingly positive impact on vital American industries and life within the United States,” says Mullender.

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