State Grants Funds to Orion Energy Systems to Deploy Demonstration Sites of the Company's Integrated Technology

Technologies creating jobs for roofers, reducing customers' energy costs and consumption

Funded by a grant from the state of Wisconsin, Orion Energy Systems, Inc., Manitowoc, Wis., has deployed its integrated system in facilities throughout Wisconsin, providing showcase sites for its sales force and partner network. The partners — roofing contractors, electrical contractors and construction companies — will use the technology to demonstrate to their customers the guaranteed energy savings created by Orion's technology.

Orion's integrated system includes its Compact Modular high-intensity fluorescent lighting platform, InteLite wireless control system and direct renewable Apollo solar light pipes. The funding was provided to Orion to demonstrate the commercial viability and practical value of the integrated system.

"By installing these technologies in our partners' facilities, we are giving them the tools they need tosell the Orion way," says Orion CEO Neal Verfuerth. "When you offer a product that reduces costs by 50% or more, the too-good-to-be-true scenario can be an obstacle. These installations prove, in real-world applications, that the savings are real."

In addition to its partners' facilities, Orion installed integrated systems in other applications, including a restaurant, manufacturing facilities, a distribution center, school buildings, and a dairy farm. The facilities will be available to Orion's sales force and its partner network to show the technology to customers in similar industries.

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