Survey shows energy managers don’t use rebates

Results reveal managers aware of programs, but aren’t proactive in rebate recovery

Energy and Power Solutions (EPS) recently conducted a survey of energy and facilities managers at industrial firms across the U.S. to gauge the awareness of utility rebates and incentives. The results of the April 2004 survey show significant knowledge of the availability of such programs for capital projects, but oftentimes, managers don’t seek maximum rebates.

Rebates and incentives are offered by local utilities, PUCs, and government agencies to encourage energy efficiency and conservation through demand on consumption rebates. The survey shows that more than 90% of the managers surveyed routinely evaluate capital projects for rebate opportunities. On the other hand, 75% of the managers recognize that they could be much more effective in identifying and recovering rebates.

EPS recently launched Rebate Xchange, a Web-based service that helps companies maximize rebate recovery for capital projects.

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