Top 14 Reasons Electrical Service Installations Get Red Tagged

Whether located inside or outdoors, premises wiring systems powered by an electric utility have what is known as an electrical service. It is the portion of the electrical system from the utility-defined point of connection to the input terminals of the main overcurrent device — although strictly speaking (not included in this definition), the entrance panel is generally considered part of the service.

Because the service components carry a substantial amount of current and their overcurrent protection is much higher (less sensitive) than the ampacities of service conductors and terminals, design and installation are critical. Typically, an electrical inspector will take a good hard look at the service to make sure all is in order prior to signing off on the installation. It’s your job to avoid these all too common “red tag” failure points.

This photo gallery shows some common missteps electricians, and other non-professional installers, make in electrical service installations across the country.


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