WEG Online Product Catalog, Ordering System Goes Live

Customers can view, search, and purchase WEG products through distributor websites

Atlanta-based WEG Electric Corp., a leading global supplier of motors, drives, controls, panels, transformers, and generators, recently announced it has launched a new online product catalog initiative to support both distributors and customers.

Now available through various WEG distributor sites, the online product catalog will enable customers to search through a complete listing of WEG products, find descriptions and specifications, and place orders online. Users will be able to search by keyword or WEG part number on every page, browse by product category, compare products side by side, find pricing, and e-mail or save favorites.

“The launch of this online initiative allows WEG to support our distributors better than before and provide improved service to our customers,” states David Pipes, president of WEG Electric Corp.

For WEG distributors looking to incorporate the online product catalog into an existing website, please visit www.wegonlineproductcatalog.com. For customers that would like to utilize the online catalog, please visit one of the WEG distributor sites.

In addition to the online product catalog, WEG is currently developing other tools to better serve its customers, such as an enhanced training library and an energy savings calculator application for Blackberry smartphone devices. For more information about WEG, please visit www.weg.net/us or call 1-800-ASK-4WEG.

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