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Mazzetti Launches New Approach to Engineering

Engineering design and consulting firm Mazzetti announced new locations for three new offices today in Denver, Nashville, and San Francisco. The new Mazzetti office in Denver is now located downtown in the Hudson's Bay Centre; in Nashville the office has relocated to neighboring Brentwood, Tenn.; and in San Francisco, the office has moved to the  Mills Building and Tower.

“We bring innovative visions to life for our clients and realized it was time to cultivate the same innovation in our environment for employees,” says COO Kurt Messerli. “The world of engineering today requires a real shift in perspective. We’re changing the way we view design — from the inside, out.”

Mazzetti’s new approach to engineering includes four “lenses” through which it provides its services: research and policy, planning, financing and project delivery. This comprehensive approach helps clients create buildings that are relevant far into the future, anticipating changes in technology, regulations, climate and weather, operational costs, socioeconomic forces, weather and natural resource constraints. And by bringing innovative financing models into their work, Mazzetti is able to fund important projects in sustainability, global development and regulatory systems.

“Most buildings are out of date the day they open,” said Walt Vernon, principal and CEO. “Mazzetti is like a scalpel creating the 'bleeding edge' of better buildings. We are creating better environments and making the world a better place through research and policy, and helping our clients plan, finance, and deliver forward-looking infrastructure investments.”

The following are a few of Mazzetti’s recent projects and partnerships using this new model:

Kaiser Small Hospital Big Idea co-winners: Working with Perkins+Will, Mazzetti analyzed redevelopment of healthcare delivery for the future, applying cutting-edge technologies and operational efficiencies to the built environment.

Founded the Healthcare Ventilation Research Collaborative (HVRC) to research alternative ventilation strategies for healthcare. Research found that displacement ventilation has the potential to reduce cost and energy, have better outcomes in air quality, and reduce the incidence of airborne infection. Results helped change national codes to allow for displacement ventilation in patient rooms (ASHRAE Standard 170, Addendum G).

Reducing energy consumption by providing hospitals with energy-saving DGSS® valves used for anesthesia systems. The valves – produced and distributed through a partnership with Anesthetic Gas Reclamation – reduce waste, lower energy consumption and reduce costs to run and service the anesthetic vacuum pumps. One hospital study measured a 91% cost savings on the energy used by these systems, generating a return on investment for the valves within three years.

Working with the American Hospital Association to expand the Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals and launch Energy Efficiency Challenges (E2C) nationally. Mazzetti’s funding model includes utility grants and partnerships, business sponsorships and underwriting, and foundation grant funding.

The firm is also simplifying to “Mazzetti” — from Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch, the name by which is has been known informally for more than 50 years. This summer a new, interactive website will exemplify this new brand.

“For 50 years, Mazzetti has designed the systems that power San Francisco,” said Vernon. “We are proud of what we have accomplished, and looking forward to using our 'four'sight to create new and better solutions around the world.”

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