A Trip Back in Time: Vintage Photos from the EC&M Archives

March 27, 2014
As most of you know, EC&M magazine has been around for a while now — 120 years to be exact.

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As most of you know, EC&M magazine has been around for a while now — 120 years to be exact. First published in November 1901 as The National Electrical Contractor — and changing names five times since then — EC&M has a heritage rich in tradition. In June 2001, we proudly published our 100-year anniversary issue, celebrating a century of editorial excellence in the electrical industry.

Every now and then, our editorial team pulls out that issue to reminisce about the early days of the magazine and the evolution of the electrical industry. Somehow, the photos never seem to get old. No matter how long it’s been since the last trip back in time, we still get a kick out of so many of these early electrical images, most of which came from the early 20th century.

Chronicling all sorts of events that shaped the electrical industry, including inventions, technology, and trends, these nostalgic images range from informative and educational to eccentric and engaging to just plain bizarre. Because so many of these old-time photos are so near and dear to our hearts, we thought it was only fair that we shared them with all of you in this flashback photo gallery. So we’d like to present “A Trip Back in Time” for your viewing pleasure. Check back often, and see what we’ve added to the mix on Throwback Thursdays.

And if you’re interested in more than just fascinating photography, check out EC&M’s 100-year anniversary editorial coverage categorized by topic below, including a decade-by-decade look at the most important issues affecting the electrical industry since 1901.

EC&M: 100 Years of Editorial Excellence

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