White Paper Helps Improve Safety and Reduce Costs

SOR, Inc. has published a white paper that offers three key questions to help readers determine the best instrumentation for the application. The white paper, "Weigh Your Instrumentation Options: Switch, Transmitter or Hybrid?" outlines three application-specific questions that will help readers identify their preferred instrumentation for the application in question. It discusses process variables, the need for display or remote communication, and alarming as well as potential consequences if the process variable moves outside of its intended range.

“Transmitters are in such common use today that technicians sometimes don’t realize that a switch can provide a similar function at a potentially lower cost,” said John Fortino, SOR's VP of engineering. “On the other hand, there are hybrid transmitters such as the SOR 805QS that has a 5 ms response time which is really fast for a transmitter, and offers both a switch and transmitter in the same device. We sell them all, so our goal is education. We want to help technicians focus on the application need that drives instrument selection.”

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