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eBook: A Lethal Combination

Aug. 21, 2018
Real-World Examples of Why Electricity and Water Don't Mix

There’s no doubt that more careful inspection and stringent maintenance/testing of bonding and grounding systems near or in bodies of water are crucial for the everyday safety of swimmers and those working in environments around water that could become electrified and pose a safety risk. Corrosion and deteriorated bonding and grounding connections often expose swimmers to shock and electrocution hazards. Many times, these faulty connections can be traced back to the use and installation of non-listed connectors and poor workmanship, which ultimately lead to a breakdown in the overall protective system.

So whether it’s a pool repairman’s electrocution, a town being forced to close its pools after shock incidents are reported, or unsuspecting boaters or home owners receiving fatal electric shocks in or around water, the content in this e-book takes readers through National Electrical Code revisions that affect these type of scenarios, presents the electrical theory behind the requirements, and allows electrical professionals to make more informed decisions about whether they are doing enough to protect the public from harm.

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