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The Basics of Bonding & Grounding

Sept. 20, 2022
From the EC&M e-books library: Applying these seemingly straightforward concepts in the field and interpreting why they’re so often misunderstood

It's no secret that grounding and bonding content continues to resonate with EC&M readers.

From NEC Consultant Mike Holt's recent 12-part series on the differences between bonding and grounding to Electrical Training Consultant Randy Barnett's webinar and Tech Talk on the subject, our readers can't seem to get enough of this important topic. So, we wanted to compile several of our best articles into this e-book, giving readers an accessible, practical guide to some of the most important lessons related to grounding and bonding.

This e-book is essential reading for anyone looking to gain a basic, yet thorough understanding of this important topic. Some articles take deep dives into NEC requirements, such as the 10 Parts of Art. 250. NEC consultant Russ LeBlanc examines where confusion exists between what the Code literally says and how users may interpret it. Another piece discusses IEEE 837, which covers substation grounding -- one of the more challenging types of grounding installations.

We also included case studies showing why grounding and bonding is so important. Former Power Quality Consultant Bryan Glenn explains the importance of examining the "why" behind NEC requirements -- and what happens when those rules for grounding and bonding are ignored. The final selection in this e-book (also by Glenn) is another case study highlighting a CNC failure from an isolated ground installation.

While grounding and bonding may seem like basic knowledge for any electrical professional, this curated selection of articles demonstrates why it's also one of the most important tasks performed by electrical professionals -- so staying up-to-date on the standards and safety procedures in this arena is mandatory. As "Monsters of the Midway" shows, proper grounding and bonding can mean a matter of life or death -- not only for electrical professionals, but also for anyone encountering the electrical installations they work on.

I know this free e-book provides a valuable reminder of the importance of proper grounding and bonding as well as offers some useful, practical tips you can start applying today.

— Ellie Coggins, Senior Associate Editor 

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