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States Submit Data to New Joint Office EV Charging Analytics and Reporting Tool

May 10, 2024
The EV-ChART tool is now beyond the pilot group.

In a recent press release, the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation (Joint Office) announced that pilot users have reviewed the Electric Vehicle Charging Analytics and Reporting Tool (EV-ChART) and "are excited about its future implications in their communities and nationwide."

“EV-ChART has been easy to use, with intuitive layout and supportive staff when needed,” said Tristan Lowery, a Transportation Analyst at the New York State Department of Transportation. “We appreciated the pro-active reach-out from the team initially, as well as the chance to provide feedback on upcoming design and feature changes.”

The tool provides a centralized hub for collecting and analyzing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure data directed by the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program’s data submittal requirement, 23 CFR 680.112. It aims to reduce the transportation transition burden on states, charging providers, and other stakeholders by streamlining and standardizing data submission while integrating reporting and analytical capabilities.

The web-based portal and analytics platform enables stakeholders to submit and curate their data during infrastructure development allowing safe, nationwide reporting. “The experience thus far has been flawless. Based on interactions with the team, we expect upgrades in the near future to streamline access for primary account holders, which will make it even easier to download, upload, and review data as more and more stations go live,” said Santos Ramos, a Project Manager at Drive Ohio. “Although it’s in its infancy, EV-ChART has already provided immense value and we’ve been extremely pleased with the process.”

With EV-ChART now open beyond the pilot group, it enables one time, annual, and quarterly data submissions. In the coming months, states can expect webinars and tutorials to aid in their use of the tool. They will also find the Data Input Template and Data Format and Preparation Guide provide standard structure and format for data submission.

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